Dry Drunk

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Definition: A colloquial term generally used to describe someone who has stopped drinking, but who still demonstrates the same alcoholic behaviors and attitudes.

Also Known As: Dry, Not Sober

Examples: His behavior hasn't changed at all, he acts like a dry drunk.

What is the dry drunk syndrome? "Dry drunk" traits consist of:

        * Exaggerated self-importance and pomposity
        * Grandiose behavior
        * A rigid, judgmental outlook
        * Impatience
        * Childish behavior
        * Irresponsible behavior
        * Irrational rationalization
        * Projection
        * Overreaction

Recovery requires working on all of the problems and issues that led one to drink in the first place. Abstinence is refraining from drinking by will power alone.
Recovery involves major lifestyle changes. Abstinence doesn't.
Recovery involves developing a support group or system. Abstinence doesn't.
Recovery requires working on yourself and fixing what is broken. Abstinence doesn't.

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