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  1. The Unmanageable Life: What Brought You To AA
  2. Dick B. to physicians and Christian leaders re The Addiction Solution
  3. Dick B. on the Higher Power Iceberg
  4. God, Help Me!
  5. Dick B.'s Christian Recovery Radio Interview of Pastor Joe Furey - Westminster CA
  6. Author Dick B. Radio Interview of Recovery Pastor Dale M.
  7. Latest on The First International A.A. History Conference, Maine, Sept 6-7
  8. Clarence H. Snyder, Early Cleveland AA, Came to Believe Retreats
  9. Upcoming Events Where Author Dick B. Will Speak on A.A.
  10. The A.A. Grapevine and The Language of the Heart
  11. Author Dick B.'s 29 Volume AA History Set and the Portland Maine AA History Conferenc
  12. The First International A.A. History Conference Sep 6-7 - Portland Maine
  13. Christian Recovery Radio: Dick B. Previews AA History Conference in September
  14. Author Dick B. (Radio) Previews Major AA History Conference Topic
  15. The Great Victory in Toronto in Restoring God to His Major Role in 12 Step Recovery
  16. God and Bible in Recovery Today
  17. Old School AA Workshop, Arizona, October, Authors Dick B. and Ken B.
  18. Bill W., Dr. Bob, The Cure of Alcoholism: "The Rest of the Story"
  19. Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism: The Rest of the Story
  20. AA Authors and Historians Dick B. and Ken B. to Speak in Phoenix Oct 11 Old School AA
  21. AA Authors/Historians Dick B. and Ken B. Tucson Old School AA Workshopo Oct 12 6:30 -
  22. 2 days in Arizon with refreshing challenging Old School AA Program Talks
  23. Importance to Recovery of A.A.-St. Johnsbury Vermont History
  24. Synopsis of AA History Talks in Portland Maine Conference
  25. Want to know what the first 3 AAs wrote in AA literature about the certainty of cures
  26. Dick B. Christian Recovery Radio Interview of Sandy R. of Rhode Island
  27. AA Author Dick B.'s Radio Interview of Take12Radio.com Host Monty M.
  28. Radio Interview of Dr. Robb H. by AA author Dick B. on Restoring Impaired Addicts
  29. AA History with AA Authors Dick B. and Ken B., Arizona, Oct 11-12
  30. Rusty W. of Smile God Loves You Interviewed Today on Christian Recovery Radio
  31. The Excellent Bible Training and Christian Upbringing of A.A. Cofounder Dr. Bob
  32. Does a Christian AA dare ask what an A.A. "higher power" could possibly be?
  33. Radio: Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism - Dick B. Interview
  34. A First Century Christian Fellowship - Source of 10 of 12 Steps, Said Bill W.
  35. Radio: Arizona Talks by Dick and Ken B. on Early A.A. Successes
  36. I have a Yahoo Group - Dick B. History Yahoo
  37. Cured of Alcoholism in A.A.? You decide!
  38. Maui Visitor Meets with A.A. Author Dick B.
  39. Arizona AA History Conference Suggestions for AA Newcomer Improved Information
  40. Join Those Who Publicize Christian Recovery
  41. Dr. Bob of AA 1939 Interview by Your Faith Magazine - Christian Recovery Radio
  42. aa history, origins, roots, Dick B.'s Huge, Accurate, Truthful Resource Article
  43. Announcing Video Series: Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism
  44. Addiction Rehab: The Bible in A.A. Big Book
  45. Christians in A.A. from the Beginning: Authors Dick B. and Ken B.
  46. Christian Recovery Pastor Matt Pierce Radio Interview Today
  47. A.A. History to be Remembered
  48. Harvard Library System and Dick B. A.A. History Work and Books
  49. Reviews of Dick B.'s The Good Book and The Big Book by Top A.A. Historians
  50. A First Century Christian Fellowship - A.A. - The Four Absolutes
  51. Alcoholic Christians - Christian AA Author Dick B. Comments
  52. Do AAs Really Want to Study Their Steps, History, and the Bible?
  53. The Dick B.-Ken B. Christian Recovery Coalition Videos of Tucson Talks
  54. 12 Steps Cofounders
  55. AA Author Dick B. Radio: Dozens of AA History Questions Tonight
  56. Dick B. Radio - A Must See 2nd set of Questions on AA History
  57. On radio, Dick B. answers "What is the rest of the AA Story?"
  58. AA History: YouTube "Book Review" Dr. Bob and His Library, 3rd ed. by Dick B.
  59. AA: Dr. Silkworth's Advice on Cure of Alcoholism by Jesus Christ
  60. AA History: Effectively Using Dick B. AA History 29 Volume Set
  61. Bill Wilson Came to Believe God Could Cure Alcoholism
  62. 4 Norco James Clubs of AA Now Active in Norco California
  63. Dick B. Radio Interview: John S. of Norco CA and the Growing James Clubs
  64. The Atheist or the A.A.: Who Holds the Recovery Key
  65. Burned at the stake for Reading Your Bible in A.A.
  66. Christian Prison Ministry Leader Interview by AA Historian and Author Dick B.
  67. AA Groups Studying Anne Smith's Journal - Reply of Dick B.
  68. Embracing Old School A.A. in Today's A.A.
  69. Dick B.-Ken B. Shout-out, New Year's Recovery Roundup, Roseville, CA
  70. Dick B. Speaking at New Year's Roundup in Roseville CA
  71. Attended a BB study....?
  72. Updated Dick B. Biography & Most Popular Books This Season
  73. Biography of AA Author/Historian Dick B. Updated December 2013
  74. Alcoholics Anonymous History Expanded and Enlarged for 2014 by Author Dick B.
  75. A.A. History Enlarged and Updated for 2014 by Author Dick B.
  76. Sponsors! A 12-Step Need and Must
  77. The Books Early AAs Read for Spiritual Growth
  78. The Crossroads and the Switchblade
  79. What happens when you phone Dick B. in Maui!
  80. Preparing for the forthcoming 6 video and guidebook AA History Release
  81. Home Group Activities
  82. The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook by Dick B.
  83. AA Cofounder Bill W. quotes Dr. Bob on "practicing Christians"
  84. AA Cofounder Bill W. on Dr. Bob "Prince of all Twelfth-steppers"
  85. Thanks to His Place Church for Christian Recovery Service
  86. Have you seen or heard the rest of the Dr. Bob Story?
  87. Part of "rest of story" on Bill W. - Award for Sunday School Attendance
  88. The Dick B. Radio Show - The Rest of Bill Wilson Story
  89. Dick B. Radio: Dr. Bob Story - The Rest of It
  90. Dick B. Radio: What the Intro to the New AA History "Rest of the Story" Will Contain
  91. Special History of A.A. Radio Show Announcement of Content by Dick B.
  92. Hear the Latest History of A.A. Rest of the Story Summary
  93. History of Alcoholics Anonymous - a Refresher
  94. Bill W.: Born Again and In Christ - the story
  95. A Great Letter from a Born Again AA in Sri Lanka, and My Answer
  96. Letter from Born Again AA and My Response
  97. Welcome to Latest Christian Recovery Coalition Participant from Sri Lanka
  98. History of Alcoholics Anonymous 2014
  99. TN: New Hope Ministries Becomes International Christian Recovery Coalition Participan
  100. AA and God - Huff Post Live - with Dick B.
  101. History of Alcoholics Anonymous
  102. Quiz on Origins of Alcoholics Anonymous
  103. The Atheist, The Drunk, and The Power of God
  104. The Story of Bill W. and Jesus Christ
  105. The New Face & Content on Dick B. Main Website
  106. AA History Landmarks - All New www.dickb.com
  107. Dick B. AA History & Christian Recovery Book Presentation on Barnes & Noble
  108. Dick B. AA History Plans for April
  109. A Special Recovery Message for You Right Now
  110. Christians Supporting A.A. From the Start
  111. Is AA Author-Historian Dick B. still alive!
  112. Is Dick B. still alive!!!
  113. PASS IT ON - AA
  114. Gaps Today for Alcoholism Speakers, Writers, Sponsors
  115. History of AA, Dick B. Radio 2005 No. 1
  116. History of AA Dick B. 2005 Radio No. 2
  117. Letters we like to receive
  118. History of Alcoholics Anonymous, 2005 Radio Series
  119. The New “Anniversary Edition” of A.A.’s First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous
  120. The parts of the Bible Early AAs Considered Essential
  121. Bill W.'s References to Jesus Christ as the healer for AAs
  122. AA: The Bible and The Oxford Group
  123. Rest of the Story of AA History Filmed Yesterday
  124. Concerned parent to child about alcoholism and drugs
  125. Alcoholics Anonymous History – The Rest of the Story. Or Just Photos!
  126. Scripture in A.A. First Edition Big Book
  127. AA Author and Historian Celebrating on Maui
  128. AA Basics - Another Look by Dick B. 2014
  129. Dick B.'s Lifetime of A.A. History - Website
  130. A Twenty-Five Year Search for an AA History That Was Accurate, Filled in Blanks, Unta
  131. Questions and Suggestions for Christian Recovery - Dick B.
  132. Alcoholics Anonymous and Religion
  133. AA History Sources with Dick B.
  134. Early Akron AA and Its Resemblance to First Century Christianity
  135. AA History Announcing Our New Website with the Rest of the AA Story
  136. Is This Dick B From Hawaii?
  137. Rebirth of First Edition of A.A. Big Book
  138. Important Conversation about AA History
  139. AA History
  140. Sobriety & Chritianity
  141. Dick B. passed away September 12, 2015.