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  1. Going Through The Steps With A Sponsee
  4. Rent-A-Sponsor
  5. The Difference between Sponsor/Therapist
  6. Bill of Rights of a Sponsor/Sponsee
  7. Walk Our Own Truth
  8. What is the Role of Sponsorship?
  9. Sponsorship
  10. A Sponsor's Purpose
  11. Our Sponsorship Questions
  12. Portrait of a Sponsor
  13. Lessons Of Reflection
  14. 12 Steps for a Sponsor
  15. What is sponsorship?
  16. More Sponsorship Stuff
  17. Working the Steps with a Sponsor
  18. Stages of Sponsorship
  19. To the N.A. Sponsor
  20. Sponsee's Lament
  21. Easiest View of the Steps
  22. Seek & Reach Out to Your Sponsor
  23. Laural Resting
  24. Types of Sponsorship The Sponsorship Umbrella
  25. Sponsorship from Pearl
  26. A sponsorship evaluation
  27. Sponsorship is a Magical Process
  28. What Happens After I Become A Sponsor Or Get A Sponsor?
  29. My Sponsor Told Me
  30. To the Sponsor -From The Sponsorship Book
  31. That G Word
  32. A Simple guide to sponsorship from the 80'S
  33. The Three C's
  34. For My Sponsor
  35. Sponsorship first aid kit
  36. If A Dog Was Your Sponsor
  37. The difference between your Sponsor and your Therapist
  38. How to Set a Sponsor Trap
  39. The Ings Of Sponsorship
  40. On Being A Sponsor
  41. 12 other sponsorship steps
  42. Questions and Answers on Sponsorship
  43. Thoughts on Sponsorship
  44. A sponsor is a safe person
  45. Tips on Making Twelfth Step Calls
  46. What Happens After I Become A Sponsor Or Get A Sponsor?
  47. An NA sponsor encourages...
  48. Are there any rules about how to find a sponsor?
  49. Just Good Friends?
  50. Sponsor Quotes
  51. Sponsorship Contract
  52. Double Trouble Sponsorship
  53. The Importance Of Your Sponsor
  54. What a Sponsor Does
  55. Don'ts Of Sponsorship From The Big Book
  56. Program vs. Fellowship
  57. Rights of a Sponsor or Sponsee
  58. My Sponsor, My Self
  59. Don't Look Back
  60. Why must I have a sponsor? Can't I do this on my own?
  61. History of Sponsorship
  62. Picking a Sponsor
  63. Sponsorship Do's and Don'ts
  64. Types of Sponsors
  65. Sponsorship, the otherway
  66. Working With Your Sponsor???
  67. Recognizing our character assets
  68. What is the role of sponsorship?
  69. Call Your Sponsor
  70. My Sponsor Told Me
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