View Full Version : I have been seeing such a difference...

03-14-2016, 02:36 PM
Hello, and good day to all my sober friends here today.
I just figured I would come by to simply say how I believe I have been noticing such a change within myself, and I feel great!
There had been so many years way back when, I would be growing up with such a feeling of grandiosity, and I took so much for granted.
Now, years later, having made my way into a wonderful program that absolutely astounds me often times, has me laughing at myself,because,even though, I realize I still have much work to do in healing and working on me, that I literally see the HOPE, I can now actually FEEL the long forgotten thing called HOPE! I treasure each new day that arrives, and I feel so blessed having such a friend, I call God, and guide that I do my best with what I have, and I do try not to get in the way.
I sure hope you all have a wonderful day, and remember this.. SMILE, because when you smile at someone, they WILL SMILE back!