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Default Discovery of the Mammoth

iscovery Of The Mammoth

The first complete specimen of a frozen mammoth was unearthed in Siberia in 1806. In 1999 scientists working in Siberia recovered the complete remains of a wooly mammoth embedded in frozen mud containing plants and insects that lived 20,000 years ago. The scientists transported the specimen to an ice cave 200 miles away to slowly thaw their find and perform tests on the remains to identify the reason the animal died. This is the first time that an entire mummified wooly mammoth has been recovered without defrosting first. The new method of excavation means scientists, who are keen to find DNA from the mammoth, may be able to someday clone the creature. In theory, a mammoth sperm's and an elephant's egg could produce an animal closely resembling a mammoth.


The oldest intact mammoth ever discovered is estimated to be 23,000 years old. It would have stood 8 쩍 ft and was 47 years old when it died. The lifespan of a mammoth is about 60 years.

Here's To A Day Full Of Fun & Discover.

The Mammoth Hunters - Jean Auel (Clan and the Cave Bear)

I believe it was a prehistoric buffalo.


Love always,


I share because I care.

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