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Prayers and Prayer Requests Post your prayer requests and favorite prayers here.

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Default The 7 Great Prayers For Powerful Living

The First Great Prayer
For an Abundant & Blessed Life

Dear Friend in Prayer,


This is a 7 part email prayer course. Each of The 7 Great
Prayers is designed to build on top of the preceding prayer so when you
get to the 7th prayer; you'll be tapping into the full POWER of prayer!

Before we get to The First Great Prayer, let's make sure we're on the
same page regarding the definition of 'prayer'.

The Webster Dictionary defines 'prayer' as:
1 : to make a request in a humble manner
2 : to address God with adoration, confession, supplication, or

There is an order to effective 'daily praying'. And the first order
of 'daily praying' is to 'Praise' God.

We all have our life challenges. One of the biggest mistakes we all
make when praying to God is that we 'ask for God's' help in solving
our problems without first giving Him 'Praise' and 'Thanks'.

The first 'daily' prayer you should pray to God is a prayer of 'Praise'.

By giving God 'Praise' first, we take our mind off our
problem and shift our focus onto Him.

Praise God. Focus on God's love. Focus on God's goodness.
Focus on your Oneness with God.


When focusing and 'Praising' God, focus within, not out. Remember,
the Bible and Jesus taught us that God is 'inside' us. Yes, inside!

God made us in his image; and being so, he's 'inside' each and
everyone one of us, including YOU!!

The same God that was inside Jesus and every other great Saint and person
that has graced this planet is the 'SAME' God that's inside YOU! This
is GREAT NEWS! Get closer to God! Tap into His Power!

You have the 'SAME' access to God as Jesus. So let God into your
heart. Feel God's presence in every cell in your body. Talk with
God through prayer. And praise God with?



Now please, don't be fooled by this prayer's simplicity. There's
POWER in simplicity.

Water running over a dam is pretty simple. Put a turbine halfway down
the dam, like at the Hoover dam, and you have enough POWER to
light all of Los Angeles!!!! Nothing complicated about this
process, it's simple, but boy it sure is POWERFUL!
Same goes with this First Great Prayer!

What makes this prayer so Great?

- It's easy to remember.
It's hard to 'pray without ceasing' if you have to memorize a 40 word prayer;
this is an easy prayer to pray 'without ceasing'.

- Telling someone, especially God, that you LOVE them, is the ultimate
form of 'Praise'. And 'PRAISE' is the first step in effective praying.

- You can say this Great Prayer to yourself all day long. While you
eat, walk, drive, work, stand in line at the grocery store, etc.

And remember, as you say this prayer, 'focus' on God who is
inside you, not outside, but 'within'.

Other variations of this First Great Prayer are:

- God, you are inside me, I love you!
- God, you are good and powerful, I love you!
- God you love me, and I love you!

Be creative and make up your own 'mini-prayers'. Keep all your
prayers short, and simple and centered on The First Great
Prayer - 'I LOVE YOU GOD'.

Start saying this prayer now. Say it MULTIPLE times when drifting
off to sleep. Write this prayer and your own variations of this
prayer down on a piece of paper and carry it with
you at all times.



- First you ?Praise? God ? ?I LOVE YOU GOD? - The First Great Prayer

Next we want to ?Thank? God for His many Daily Blessings, and we do
that with?





When times are tough, either financially, physically,
emotionally, etc., it can be pretty darn tough to give THANKS to God,
but you can, and you have too?

Quick Story:

When I was seven years I was running through the woods while playing
with my friends and I tripped and fell and a stick hit me in my eye,
completely blinding my right eye.

This was a pretty traumatic event for both my parents and I. But right
from the start my dad, a man of great faith, was thanking God. Thanking
Him that it was only one eye. Thanking Him that something worse could
have happened. Thanking Him for the strength that God gave us through
this trying time.

I had five operations to correct the injury; none worked. I had to stay in
the hospital weeks at a time in a special eye hospital in New York City
and I was on a floor with other children, all with various eye problems.

Boy, was I giving God thanks then when I saw little boys and girls all
worse off then me. Many blind in BOTH eyes!

To this day, all I have to do is close my left eye (my good eye) to start
THANKING God for my good eye. Look around you, nature is so

Since this eye injury, like you, I?ve had my other challenges, money,
relationships, etc. And the tougher times get, the more I THANK GOD
for all that He's given me, and continues to give me. Many times it's
the 'little' things that really make life so special; so THANK God for
'everything' - by THANKING God continuously you open yourself to
better receive more blessings from God.

So turn your focus off your problems. Praise God and
Give Him Thanks! You really do have so much to be THANKFUL for.
Be thankful you?re a child of God and that you belief in God. Be thankful that you have God as your
best friend.

Take a moment right now and write a list of all that you have to be
thankful for! The more you thank God for what you?ve received, the
more Blessings you will receive!!

Thank You God for (fill in the blank)
Thank You God for (fill in the blank)

Make a list of at least 10 Prayers of thanks and add them to your
daily praying!


The Third Great Prayer
For an Abundant & Blessed Life

The 3rd Great Prayer is the miraculous prayer that
will attract Blessings into your life?Happiness,
Love, Money, Health, Healing and more will
come from God when you pray the
3rd Great Prayer.

But the 3rd Great Prayer, the prayer that attracts God's
Blessings, won't work unless you build the proper
foundation with the first three Great Prayers. And
the 3rd Great Prayer will mean nothing unless
you finish your daily praying with the 4th, 5th, 6th, and
7th Great Prayers.

Today we're going to jump right into a prayer that calls
upon the incredible POWER of God, and sets the
stage for a life full of Abundance & Blessings!

The Third Great Prayer is?

Keep reading, and I'll let you know about
a powerful 'add-on' that you can add to this prayer.

Now that I?ve shared The Third Great Prayer with you,
I would like to review how each prayer works.

The First Great Prayer:


This first prayer praises God.

The Second Great Prayer:


This prayer thanks God for the many Blessings he
bestows on you - daily!

The Third Great Prayer:


Prayer # 1 recognizes God, and that the POWER of God
is 'inside' you. This prayer brings you closer to God.

Please pray the above three prayers today? 'without ceasing!'
These prayers are GREAT because they are short.

They are POWERFUL because they are easy to remember and
to repeat. No wasted words here.

When you pray these three GREAT prayers with the next
four prayers, you're guaranteed to get closer to God and
you will receive MORE of His Blessings!

Please write the above prayers down on a piece a paper,
RIGHT NOW (don't procrastinate - do it now), and
carry this piece of paper around with you all day
long. (I have all 7 Great Prayers on a prayer
card and I carry it with me ALWAYS!)
Refer to this piece of paper any time
you need to jog your memory.

Remember, you can make slight variations, and I
encourage you do so, to each of the first three
Great Prayers.

For your new prayer here's a powerful add-on:



Then for the 'THANK YOU GOD' prayer
you can modify, as instructed, in the
2nd Great Prayer email:

THANK YOU GOD for (fill in the blank).
THANK YOU GOD for (fill in the blank).

Make a list of at least 10 Prayers of thanks and
add them to your daily praying!

And for the 'I LOVE YOU GOD' prayer, modify as you feel is appropriate.
We're building momentum now for a
lifetime of Blessings.


The Fourth Great Prayer
For an Abundant & Blessed Life

The 4th Great Prayer is the prayer that will attract massive amounts of Blessings in your life. But before we get to this miraculous prayer I would first like to spend a moment with you regarding...


I?ll keep saying it again and again: the secret to successful praying is ?to pray without ceasing.'

And the easiest way to ?pray without ceasing? is to pray ?simple, short, and powerful? prayers.

To truly get an avalanche of BLESSINGS, not only do you have to pray The 7 Great Prayers, you also have to pray the right way.

Today we?re going to talk and learn about the Power of Affirmations.
When you ?mix? affirmations with prayers the results are dramatic!!
By adding Affirmations to your prayers, the results are not just doubled, but increased by 500%!!

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement that?s said in a ?personal,? ?positive? and ?present' tense.

For example:

?I like myself, I like myself, I like myself.'

?Day by day, in every way, I?m getting closer and closer to God.?

For the remainder of my lessons I?ll be mixing affirmations in with The 7 Great Prayers. Blending affirmations with prayers is the
SECRET to a closer relationship with God, and the easiest and best way to ?attract? more of God?s blessings into your life!

It?s been said by psychotherapists that by the time a child is 10 years old, he or she has heard the word ?No? over 50,000 times, and that we
all hear the word ?No? 100 times more often than ?Yes.?

This ?negative? programming kills self-esteem, destroys self-confidence, and makes people physically ill, and mentally depressed.

God wants you to like yourself! God wants you to have self-confidence!
God wants you to be happy!

With all the negative input we?re receiving from friends, family, co-workers, radio, TV, etc., it?s up to you to make sure that you program your mind and pray the right way. This is the only way
you'll receive a lifetime of Blessings!

Starting today I would like you to mix affirmations in with your daily ceaseless praying.

Please mix in affirmations with The first Three Great Prayers. Do whatever?s most comfortable for you as for the order and content of your prayers.
It doesn?t have to be an exact science. It?s more important that you pray with feeling and love!


?God, I believe and know you are inside me!?
?God, you like me, and I like me.?
?God your love shines through me.?
?God, I love you! And you love me.?
?Thank You God for (fill in the blank).'
?I?m happy, healthy, and loving.?
?Day by day, in every way, I?m getting healthier and healthier.?
?I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel terrific!?
?I like myself, I like myself, I like myself.?
?Thank You God for (fill in the blank).'
?Day by day, in every way, I?m getting closer and closer to God.?
?I can do it!?
?With God inside me, I can do anything.?
?Day by day, in every way, I?m getting (fill in the blank)? etc.

Here?s the 'current' recipe for praying success. Recognize God, Praise God,
Thank God and then say/pray affirmations to yourself that build up your self-worth.
Love who you are, and know that God does too!!

Now that you have an understanding of the POWER
of Affirmations, let's get to...



The first four lessons built the the foundation for the prayer that "attracts an abundant life, and 'blessings' from God."

"No matter what you have done up to this moment, you get 24 brand-new hours to spend every single day." --Brian Tracy
AA gives us an opportunity to recreate ourselves, with God's help, one day at a time. --Rufus K.
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. --Franklin D. Roosevelt
We stay sober and clean together - one day at a time!
God says that each of us is worth loving.
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