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Newcomers Recovery Help and Support Stop in here if you are new to recovery and share with us. Feel free to ask questions and for support here.

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More Language Of Letting Go

November 10

Find a way to say I can

Slowly I began to see that many of the boxes I found myself in were of my own making. I tended to construct them, crawl in, then wonder who I could blame for putting me there. Who did this to me? I would wonder and sometimes ask aloud. Thatís when Iíd hear the answer. You did, Melody. You put yourself in this box. Now itís up to you to get out.

ĖMelody Beattie, Stop Being Mean to Yourself

Each of us has our own degree of freedom. We have certain things we can do and certain things we canít. Sometimes this freedom fluctuates at different times in our lives. Sometimes we are bound by our responsibilities to other people. Sometimes we have financial limitations. Sometimes weíre limited by what our body can or cannot do at any given point in time.

Alcoholics who know they cannot drink because they lose control when they do are people who are in touch with their power. They canít drink, but they get to have a manageable life instead.

Healthy happy people know and recognize what they can do and what they truly canítĖ at least not without unwanted repercussions. But sometimes we put too many limitations on ourselves. We look around. Because weíre so used to accepting our limitations, we automatically tell ourselves, I canít do that, so I canít do anything else.

Iíve been to the house, touched the rock collection, of the author George Sands who lived in southern France years and years ago during a time when women had few rights. It turned out that George was really a woman who took on a manís name so she could write and sell her books. Her legend and her books still live on.

Identify what you legitimately canít do or what youíd be better off and more powerful if you didnít. Learn to live within those limitations. Thatís how youíll own your power.

But donít stop there. Look around and see what you can do, too. Be creative. Knowing what we truly canít do is often a stepping stone to discovering what we can do.

God, help me own my power by surrendering to what I canít do. Then help me own my power some more by discovering what I can.
No one can make me do anything, unless I give up my power. When I surrender, I am empowered to do what I can't do alone. It is only through my God that I can.

When I see words like this, it reminds me of the song, The Little Engline that Could. He starts out thinking he can, and ends up knowing he can. I need to change my thinking. It is about me and my attitude.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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