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Prayers and Prayer Requests Post your prayer requests and favorite prayers here.

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Default Praying Each Day for September


If I climb the heavens, Lord,
you are there.
If I fly to the point of sunrise,
your right hand holds me fast.
(Ps 139)

September 1

Let us pray:
we pray that we may live
in such a way
that we value all that is good in our lives
and never take anyone or anything
for granted.

September 2

We’ll pray using the words of a Muslim

“Lord, may the end of my life
be the best part of my life.
May my closing acts
be my best acts,
and may the best of my days
be the day when I shall meet you.”

Always very cheerful, Roy Castle died on
this day in 1994, still fund-raising for lung
cancer research shortly before he died.
His ‘International Centre for Lung Cancer
Research’ was opened in Liverpool
four years after his death.

September 3

Let us pray:

Lord, isn’t your creation wasteful?
Fruits never equal
the seedling’s abundance;
springs scatter water;
the sun gives out enormous light.

May your bounty
teach me greatness of heart.
May your magnificence
stop me being mean.

Seeing you
a prodigal and open-handed giver,
may I give unstintingly
like a king’s son
- like your own Son. Amen.

September 4

Albert Schweitzer was a missionary doctor.
In Africa he set up a hospital and a
leper-colony for the very poor. Before
sitting down to eat a meal, Albert
Schweitzer was always heard to quote
from one of the psalms of the Bible

“We thank the Lord for he is good,
and his loving kindness lasts forever.”

Let’s pause to express thanks
for the good things in our lives:
- for people who have given us
love and friendship,
encouragement and support…

- for our talents and health,
and for the opportunities
that come to us…

- for the beauty that we see,
and the inspiration we receive…

Albert Schweitzer died on this day in

September 5

Mother Teresa worked with the poorest
of the poor in Calcutta, India. She said that
“being unwanted
is the most terrible disease
a human being can experience.”

On this day in 1997 she died. She wrote
this about dying:

“When you die,
the Lord will not ask you
how much you have done with your life,
but how much love
you have put into the doing.”

Let us pray:

God our Father,
may all of life’s experiences
lead us to grow
as people who always put love
into all that we do.
May we live in such a way
that our attitude
and words and actions
reflect to all people
their own value, dignity
and self-worth,
helping people
to feel wanted and appreciated
for who they are.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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