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Prayers and Prayer Requests Post your prayer requests and favorite prayers here.

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To Recap our lessons:


* I love you God.
* Thank You God for (fill in the blank).
* God, you are inside me.

Then, at the top of this lesson we learned about the Power of Affirmations...

* I can do it!
* I believe in God, I believe in me.
* Day by Day in everyway I?m getting better and better.
* I am happy, healthy, and wealthy.
* Affirmation Prayers are all created and said in the ?present? tense, and in a ?positive? manner.

With the first 3 GREAT PRAYERS you recognize that God is with you and in you. You?ve given Him praise and your love. And you?ve THANKED Him for the Blessings He?s already given you, and continues to give you.


We?ve also learned in our prior lessons that it?s not a matter how long or poetic your prayers are to God, but more importantly is that you should keep your prayers short, simple, and powerful.

We learned that the most important thing in praying is repetition - to pray without ceasing - and the easiest way to repeat and memorize a prayer is to keep it short and simple, ala, The 7 Great Prayers.

In regards to THANKING God, a big part of this Fourth Great Prayer is for you to be AWARE of all that God has already given, and continues to give you.

So many times we all get caught up in our internal soap opera of our own life. We get so focused on ourselves and our problems that we don?t see and THANK God for the blessings He gives us DAILY.

You will never be able to ATTRACT God?s Blessings until you change your focus. Don?t focus on you and your problems, instead, focus on God, his Love, and his Power.


Look outward towards God and recognize and give THANKS for what He continues to give you. Please, pause every day, throughout the day, to recognize and give THANKS to God for the gifts He gives you. Be thankful for the LITTLE things, and you will soon be giving THANKS to God for the BIGGER Blessings you?re asking for.

You will not get BIG blessings until you first give thanks for the LITTLE blessings. Thank God for sunshine. The air. Your pet. A friend. It?s not hard to do?.just look, and THANK! Give THANKS for everything! J

For you to be successful in ?positive? prayer you have to eliminate all negative thinking in your life. I know this is extremely hard to do; I struggle with this all the time. But I?ve found that the best way to breakthrough and switch from negative thinking, to a positive life, is to pray The 7 Great Prayers, always thinking and visualizing ?POSITIVE? outcomes and to use the POWER OF AFFIRMATIONS.
I?m always trying my VERY BEST to think and pray as though I have ALREADY received what I ask for from God. I ask that you do the same; you?ll be amazed at the results!

Don?t be ashamed to ask God for blessings. God wants you to ask. Forgive yourself of any sins of your past; God has forgiven you, so forgive yourself. You?re a GOOD person, so you deserve to receive Blessings from God.

You have to forgive yourself ? ?get over it.? Do this and you?ve cleared the way to receive BLESSINGS from God.

So here?s the 4th prayer that will start ATTRACTING incredible blessings into your life ? Health, Love, Money, Happiness, Purpose and a Better Relationship with God is all yours when you pray?


Here are some variations. These variations use two of the most powerful words in the English language, I AM.

When Moses saw the burning bush, he asked, ?Who are you??

And the answer Moses received was - ?I AM.?

Tap into the power of God and preface your prayer requests with these two POWERFUL words:







Even if you?re not any of the above, say and pray them anyway. As they say in acting school, ?Fake it until you make it.?

You?ll find that when you pray and affirm positive statement like the above, and you do it positively, with feeling, and enthusiasm (which in Greek means ?God within?), you?ll start receiving an avalanche of Blessings from God!!!

Whatever you ask from God, do as Jesus taught?

"...whatever ye shall ask in prayer,
believing, ye shall receive."
(Mat. 21:22)

When praying, keep your focus on God "inside you." If God is inside you, his Holy Spirit is inside you, and it makes sense that He has the power to ATTRACT good things toward Him and You ? like a magnet attracts metal!

What can make this attraction ?not? work?

* Negative thinking
* A poor attitude
* Guilt
* Anger

Thinking negative thoughts minimizes and blocks God?s ability to attract goodness into your life. Forgive yourself. Forgive your spouse. Forgive your enemy. Forgive God. Release the bad and attract God?s goodness and Blessings ? RIGHT NOW!

Pray for God?s forgiveness, and remember, pray as though you already have received:



The Fifth Great Prayer
For an Abundant & Blessed Life


If you haven?t gotten the blessings you've been praying for, don?t worry. I?m getting emails everyday from those that are getting God?s blessings; maybe your turn just hasn?t come yet, or God has different blessings in mind for you.

So please, keep your focus on God. The best way to keep your focus on God is to pray the 5th Great Prayer, which is:


By saying this prayer everyday it helps you ?recognize? that God, His presence, and power is everywhere.

If you get so caught up on your problems - be it health, money, or a relationship - that your focus is on yourself and your problem when it should always be on God, you?ll miss God?s messengers and events that have been sent your way, by God, to help you.

God is always reaching out to help you and me. But many times He does it in ways that we just don?t see. By saying this 5th prayer, you?ll reprogram your internal radio station from WME (me) to WGOD.

Think about it, a radio or TV can pick up hundreds of different channels, but unless you set the dial to the station you wish to hear, even though your favorite song or TV program may be playing over the air waves, you?ll never hear or see it.

But when you pray this prayer,


you?ll be tuning into WGOD, and in a matter of no time you?ll start receiving blessings in abundance from God.

Here?s a famous story on how God is everywhere, always ready to help, and always sending people or events that will help you.

There was a man named Joe whose farm was located on the banks of a flood-swollen river.

There came a big flood, and the water around Joe's house was rising steadily.

Joe was standing on the porch, watching water rising all around him, when a man in a boat came along. He called to Joe, "Get in the boat and I'll get you out of here." Joe replied "No thanks. God will save me."

Joe went into the house, and the water was starting to pour in. So, he went up to the second floor.

As he looked out, another man in a boat came along, and he called to Joe, "Get in the boat and I'll get you out of here."

Again, Joe replied, "No thanks. God will save me."

The water kept rising. So, Joe got out onto the roof.

A helicopter flew over, and the pilot called down to Joe, "I'll drop you a rope. Grab onto it, and I'll get you out of here."

Again Joe replied, "No thanks. God will save me."

The water rose and rose, and soon nearly covered the whole house. Joe fell in, and drowned.

When he arrived in Heaven, he saw God, and asked Him, "Why didn't you save me from that terrible flood? Did I not show you my faith?"

With a loving but irritated tone God replied, "What more would you have me do? I sent two boats and a helicopter!"

Now if poor old Joe had gotten these emails J and said The 7 Great Prayers daily, especially the 5th Great Prayer?


he would have ?recognized? that God is ?everywhere? and ?inside? everyone (e.g., The Third Great Prayer ? ?God is inside me?) and that God was working through these fine people to save him.

So pay attention, God wants to help you, and He's reaching out to everyone on this planet, including you, everyday! God?s job is to help you and answer your prayers, and it?s your job to keep your eyes and heart open to those people and events God sends your way to help you.

Keeping with the theme of the 5th Great Prayer, and the mysterious ways God works, I?m reminded of the famous quote from Napoleon Hill, the 21st Century?s premier success guru?

"Within every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater benefit."

What you may think is a problem is actually an ?opportunity? disguised as a problem. So when problems come your way, and they come to all of us, look for the benefit that will come your way when you solve the problem.

And the way you find the benefit is to keep repeating to yourself the prayer:


I?m begging you to stick to the praying formula I?ve outlined in all these emails. I HIGHLY recommend spending more of your time in prayer.

Remember how Jesus led his life and the countless writings of Jesus praying. Praying in public. Praying with his disciples. Praying in private.

Pray as Jesus did. He didn't pray long rambling prayers that had to be memorized. He instead prayed from his heart. He kept his prayers short and simple and full of love. If you?re too busy trying to ?memorize? a prayer, you?re not incorporating your ?heart and soul? into your prayer. God doesn?t want mindless memorization. He wants your full attention, your full heart and soul. The easiest, best, and most POWERFUL way to do this is to?

K.I.S.S. (keep it sweetly simple)

Why are these prayers so great? Again I say, because they cover the 7 most important aspects of God, prayer, and their ability to attract God?s blessings. They are short, simple and POWERFUL, and they attract blessings to you like a magnet. On one condition?

You repeat them with love in your heart, EVERYDAY, for the rest of your life!

What makes the McDonald?s franchises so successful? Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald?s created a K.I.S.S. formula for making great hamburgers, that anyone could follow. A McDonald's hamburger tastes the same in New York City, as it does in Miami, as it does in San Francisco. Why? Because the cooks all follow a K.I.S.S. formula. I encourage you to do the same!

Again, I encourage you to write each of The 7 Great Prayers on an index card and carry them with you at all times. Please take a moment right now, and I mean right now, and find piece of paper and write down the first 5 Great Prayers:

* God I love you
* Thank you God
* God you are inside me
* I attract God?s Blessings
* God I see you everywhere

The first three prayers build the the foundation for the prayer that ?attracts? an ?abundant life," and ?blessings? from God (prayer #4). The 5th Great Prayer better enables you to get ?in tune? with God to receive His blessings.

Using the above 5 Great Prayers, remember, these are the foundation, from there you make modifications, personalizing each prayer to your individual needs, creating various ?Thank You Prayers?, and when asking for blessings, always make sure you ask in the personal and positive tense as though you?ve already received the blessing you?re praying for.

Added to all this is the lesson I already forwarded to you on the Power of Affirmations

* I can do it!
* I believe in God, I believe in me.
* Day by Day in everyway I?m getting better and better.
* I am happy, healthy, and wealthy.
* Affirmation Prayers are all created and said in the ?present? tense, and in a ?positive? manner.


We?ve also learned in our prior lessons that it?s not a matter how long or poetic your prayers are to God, but more importantly is that you should keep your prayers short, simple, and powerful.

The most important thing in praying is repetition, and the easiest way to repeat and memorize something is to keep it short and simple, ala The 7 Great Prayers.


The Sixth Great Prayer
For an Abundant & Blessed Life

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE (fill in the blank with person's name)?

By now you should have developed the daily routine where you pray the first 5 Great Prayers everyday, all day long.

Again, one of the best ways to make sure you do this is to write the Great Prayers on an index card and carrying The 7 Great Prayers with you for easy reference.

With Prayer Four you learned how to pray to ATTRACT God?s Blessings into your life.

When you pray the Third Great Prayer it helps you to become ?aware? of the awesome power of God that is ?inside? you. This prayer again is?


Yesterday?s prayer was the 5th Great prayer, and that is?.


This prayer helps you recognize God?s presence everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.

Now that you ?see God everywhere? I ask that you incorporate the 6th Great Prayer into your daily prayers.

You see, if God is inside you (Prayer # 3), and God is everywhere (Prayer # 5), then whenever you see, meet, talk, and work with people, I?d like you to say the 6th Great Prayer, to yourself, this prayer is?

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE (fill in the blank)?

Loving one another has always been one of God?s top commandments, and Jesus asked us to do the same when he taught us to:

Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.

Now let?s keep in mind why you first came to my website a few days ago, you were searching the internet on the subject of prayer.

If you?re like most of the people that visit my site and purchase Prayer Power products you are looking for prayers to ?attract? BLESSINGS and ABUNDANCE into your life.

First, you?re not alone, hundreds and hundreds of great people, just like you come to my site, each and every day looking to attract ABUNDANCE and BLESSINGS into their life.

You can have them! But nothing is free, and that includes requests to God. In order to Receive you must Give, and the best and easiest thing you can give is your love for God and others.

When you open your heart to others, you are acting and living as God commanded you to do.

God will give you the BLESSINGS you request, on the condition that you are ?good? to yourself and ?others?.

If God is ?inside? you, that means He is also ?inside? everyone you meet on a daily basis. Friends. Family. Co-workers. People on the street. Any, and everyone!

And yes, even those you don?t like; those that have wronged you; those that may be your enemies have God within; unlike you though, they may not recognize that God is in them. God is inside them too. Though for some of these types of people you may have to look REAL HARD and deep into their soul to find God.

But before we get into those you don?t care for, or who have wronged you, let?s first do the easy stuff: give BLESSINGS to all those that you know and meet.

As for myself, I pray this prayer, all day long?


The first people I pray this prayer too is my family. When I wake and turn to see my sleeping wife I say?


When I say pray this prayer to my wife Tracey, I look deep into her soul and say it to God who is inside her - the same God that is in you and me.

I then say this prayer internally to myself when I see my children. Sometimes I say this prayer internally, other times I say it out loud.


SIDENOTE: I am a very verbal person. And whenever I talk to my wife and kids, I finish almost every discussion with the words ?I LOVE YOU,? and I encourage you to do the same.

I say ?I LOVE YOU? even if we?ve had a tough discussion and we?re not happy with one another at the particular moment, I still say I LOVE YOU. I?m saying this POWERFUL statement to both the person and to God whom I know is within them.

I even tell my co-workers I LOVE EM, and people that I?ve been doing business with for some time, I?ll finish the phone call with ? LOVE YA! I?m serious. I?ve done this for a good ten years now. And why not? This is God and Jesus? commandment to us. If you love someone, let them know it. It?s good for them, and it?s good for you!

Your spirit is like an active and flowing river, and the best way you can keep it flowing is by saying and thinking ?I LOVE YOU? all day long. If you don?t do this, and you repress this important thought and expression, like a **************** to a river, you back up all this energy, and this is not a good thing. Your love is meant to be shared, it?s meant to flow, it?s not meant to be kept within.


Back to the lesson and the 6th Great Prayer.

Now that I?ve said


to my wife and kids, I say it to internally to all that I meet. When picking up my clothes at the dry cleaners, I say it to the cashier. I say it to the toll collector. I say it to the bank teller, the gas station attendant, and I say it to any and everyone. (Not out loud, but to myself.)

When I say it, especially to those I?ve never met before, I look into their eyes, I look into their soul, knowing that the same God that is in me is in them. I say it to recognize God and to Praise God, ala, Prayers 1 & 3 of The 7 Great Prayers.

Are you starting to see how all 7 of The 7 Great Prayers work together? Do you see how each prayer adds power to the others? Again, this is why these prayers are so great!

Now let?s talk about saying this prayer?


to those that you don?t like and who may have wronged you. This is tough, and I speak from personal experience. At first I found this very tough to do. To be honest, I still have some challenges in doing this. Yet I know I have to if I am to be a true child of God, if I?m to do God?s work here on this planet, and if I?m to attract BLESSINGS and ABUNDANCE to myself and my family.

So?to those that you don?t like, and to those that have wronged you, still say this prayer. Say it when you see them. Say it when they are not around you, say it whenever you think of them, the important thing to do is ?just say it?!

God is somewhere inside these people, though you may have to look real hard and deep.

It?s not healthy to harbor ill feelings for anyone. A different twist to this 6th Great Prayer, when it comes to someone you may not like, is to say?


You're not loving the wrong doings of this person; you are instead loving the goodness in that person, the God within. Praying this prayer for them does two things.

First, it just may help that person be a better person.

Second, it helps you. For you to truly ATTRACT more Blessings into your life you HAVE to get into with God?s positive energy. Forgive and forget. Let go and let God.

As you start incorporating this prayer into your life, and as you start BLESSING everyone you meet, you will be positioning yourself to ATTRACT Blessings from God. For you never know through which person or persons that God may work through to help you in your life.



Dear Friend in Prayer,

Today's email is the last email you'll receive from me where I share with you what each of the 7 Great Prayers is.

(Please note, I will send you other emails on how to pray better and get your prayers answered; this is just the day where you receive the "final" and 7th Great Prayer.)

Before I get to the 7th Great Prayer, I want to first say I've really enjoyed our time together, THANK YOU for this opportunity!

As I've share these prayers with you and my other new friends, I've continued to grow on my personal spiritual journey and I hope you have too.

The emails I've gotten back have been truly amazing! Please, if you have anything to share regarding The 7 Great Prayers and praying, please send me an email; we both grow closer to God through this sharing.

And, depending on your prayer story, with your permission, I would like to share your prayer success with our Prayer Power members.

Please send emails to:

I've been getting lots and lots of emails where people have sent me their prayer success stories as a result of praying The 7 Great Prayers - I'd love to hear from you too!

Back to The 7th Great Prayers...

The reason you first visited my website was because you clicked on a link that said to ATTRACT BLESSINGS from God, you should pray ?The 7 Great Prayers? everyday.

I pray that reading these 7 emails has given you a better understanding of the incredible power of prayer. When you make praying simple, by using short, positive, affirmations in the present tense, that you truly can ATTRACT GOD'S Blessings into your life.

The final Great Prayer pulls together the other Six Great Prayers and completes the cycle. For to "get" BLESSINGS you must first "give," e.g., the famous saying:

?It?s better to give than receive.?

One of America?s foremost philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said it best in his famous essay on The Law of Compensation when he said?

?Whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you TEN-FOLD.?

So, if you want love, give love; you'll get ten times the love back!

If you want money, give money, e.g., to the church, even if it's just pennies.

Quick note here. There was a time in my life that due to a failed business I was completely, and I mean, COMPLETELY broke. I really had no money to give to the church; I gave just a few dollars, as that was all I could afford. But
in addition to a few dollars, I did give something more, something even better than money: my TIME.

So if your back is up against the wall financially, give your time. To the church, or to help a friend. Maybe it's just listening empathically to a child or friend in need, but you always have ?time? to give.

By giving your TIME, you are doing the 7th Great Prayer:


Many times we wonder what am I on earth for?

God has put you here to do good. Look, think, and pray to God for help and guidance on what you should do to help people and mother earth.

Age should not matter; at whatever age, you could, and should, find a way for God to use YOU to do his good works.

My children, ages 8, 13, and 15, give to the community. They are involved in the local Youth Group, help at church, and help family and friends all sort of ways; many little, but ALL important.

Tracey, my wife, does MEALS on WHEELS, delivering meals to elderly
shut-ins and is active in the church, school, and community.

As for me, I teach Sunday school to teenagers, participate in the Spaghetti dinners, and coach youth soccer.

My dad, who is 75 years old, works with Kiwanis raising funds to help children's causes; takes mentally challenged children bowling on Wednesday; and for years, after retiring, worked in the local Soup Kitchen and was actively involved in the Hospice program. He feels that being old, he has the time, and it's God's will for him to help others. And the biggest gift he can give is his TIME.

Young, adult, and seniors, can all find ways to let "God work through them to do good." And the more challenges you may find in your life, the more you should give of your time to help others - to let God work through you to do good. Do this, and you'll soon find BLESSINGS flowing back to you in ABUNDANCE.

I know if you?re like me, there will be a few, if not many, times when you wonder to yourself, what is this all about? Why am I here?

Again, as all answers are, it's to do good works for God.

It doesn?t matter if you?re young or old, you can find something, someway, to help others. Boy, I know from my perspective, nothing gives me more ?purpose? and ?joy? than helping someone other than myself.

So pray this prayer everyday, along with the other Six Great Prayers. And the more Good you do, the more God will send Blessings to you.


The blessings you'll attract won't always be, nor do they have to be, just financial or health blessings. These blessings can be something as simple as seeing someone smile at you, or give you a hearty "Thank You" because you just did or said something nice to them.

One of the easiest things you can do, to do God?s good work, is just give recognition to someone for some good works they did to you or for others. Yes, you should give God praise, and one of best ways you can do this is give your fellow man thanks and praise - remember, God is everywhere and in every one.

To Recap:


1. I Love You God
2. Thank You God for?
3. God, You are Inside Me
4. I Attract God?s Blessings
5. God, I See You Everywhere
6. God Bless and I Love?.
7. God, Let Me Do Your Good Works

As simple as it may sound, all you have to do, to have a life full of Abundance and Blessings is say these prayers to yourself, out loud, and write them down, everyday, the rest of your life. If you follow the other tips and methods outlined in the prayer emails and my new book, you will have a wonderful life, a purposeful life, and a happy life that both you and God will be proud of.

Earlier in this book I asked you, and I?ll ask you again right now - no matter what you may or may not think of what you?ve just read- I challenge you to say these 7 prayers, everyday, for 21 ?straight? days, and at the end of 21 days judge for yourself if these 7 prayers truly are the 7 Greatest Prayers ever written.

If you read these prayers one or twice. They won't work. Nor will any other prayer. The SECRET is repetition. And the power of repetition, becomes EXPLOSIVE when you pray, the same prayer, for 21 days straight. For even BETTER results, pray these 7 Great Prayers everyday of your life.

What's so "Great" about these 7 prayers? They are simple. They are Powerful. They are Affirmations. They are Positive. They are written and said in such a manner, that it's SUPER easy to pray for 21 days straight.

As a favor to yourself, as a favor to God, please, please, take the 21-day Prayer Challenge. Start right now. Start today. You?ll be amazed how quickly your life will change for the better.
"No matter what you have done up to this moment, you get 24 brand-new hours to spend every single day." --Brian Tracy
AA gives us an opportunity to recreate ourselves, with God's help, one day at a time. --Rufus K.
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. --Franklin D. Roosevelt
We stay sober and clean together - one day at a time!
God says that each of us is worth loving.
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