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Why do I feel this way?
Why do I feel so alone
So different,
So separate.
I know I am not different
Unique in my own journey,
Yet not so unique in my differences
From others who have traveled this journey.
Today I feel alone.
Is it my own separateness.
Am I isolating my spirit as well as my body?
I share with others
Yet seem apart.
No one close
Am I looking for acceptance
Validation for who I am?
Is it my right?
I am comfortable with me
Or so I thought.
Yet why this feeling of being alone.
No one caring...
No one sharing...
No one showing any interest in what I do.
Is it the ego?
Is it the pride?
Why have all the words dried up inside?
How do I get them out?
Express all the pain and the sorrow
Letting you know how much I hurt
To heal, to let go, to live and to dare to dream
Of a better tomorrow
A better day with hope
Someone to love
Someone who loves
Someone who knows
Someone who shares
Someone who cares.

Something I wrote in February 14, 2005.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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