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Default Spiritual Program

Yesterday I was blessed to hear a panel on how AA members found the spirituality in the program and how it worked for them.

One went back to his roots, and got involved in the Native Culture and is sharing recovery around the US and Canada.

Another had been in and out for several years, and finally he surrendered to the program, and now has 7 years clean.

The final speaker was a big lover of Zen. I heard him say to someone before the meeting, when I open my mouth, I will confuse everyone. I totally identified with him.

It doesn't matter what religion or path you follow as long as it is spiritual in nature.

For me, spirituality is giving without expecting back. Spirituality is about taking care of yourself, making healthy choices, so you can pass on a healing and positive message. That doesn't mean I sugar coat it and tell it how others want to hear it, but share it to the best of my ability, as a clean clear channel, sharing the message(s) that I have experienced and given to me by my God. My words are not original, they are what I have heard around the rooms of recovery, in my meditations, my perspective of what I have heard and read over the last 22 years. It doesn't matter that it is 22 years just means that I have been practicing for a very long time.

For me spirit means from within, going within and touching base with my God who resides withing. When I surrender, that spirit is lit, sometimes long dormant because I forgot to feed it and acknowledge that it is there.

Taking me out of the equation, it isn't all about me. We are part of the whole, and unity of spirit keeps us together and why I call a meeting, a God Village.

May you ever walk in the Sunlight of the Spirit. May the White Light of Love and the Fellowship of the Spirit, walk with you each day.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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