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Daily Recovery Readings Start your day here with Daily Recovery Readings. Feel Free To Share Your Experience, Strength & Hope.

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September 14

Daily Reflections


Do we lay the matter before our sponsor or spiritual adviser,
earnestly asking God's help and guidance--meanwhile resolving
to do the right thing when it becomes clear, cost what it may?

My belief in a Higher Power is an essential part of my work on
Step Nine; forgiveness, timing, and right motives are the other
ingredients. My willingness to do the Step is a growing
experience that opens the door for new and honest relationships
with the people I have harmed. My responsible action brings me
closer to the spiritual principles of the program -- love and
service. Peace of mind, serenity, and a stronger faith are
sure to follow.

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Twenty-Four Hours A Day

A.A. Thought For The Day

"How does A.A. grow? Some of us sell A.A. as we go about.
Little clusters of twos and threes and fives keep springing
up in different communities, through contact with the larger
centers. Those of us who travel drop in at other groups as
often as we can. This practice enables us to lend a hand to
new groups which are springing up all over the land. New
groups are being started each month. A.A. is even spreading
outside the United States and is slowly becoming world-wide.
Thus we grow." Am I doing all I can to spread A.A. wherever I go?

Meditation For The Day

"Lord we believe. Help Thou our unbelief." This cry of the
human heart is an expression of human frailty. It signifies
the soul's sincere desire for progress. As a person feels the
existence of God and His power, that person believes in Him
more and more. At the same time, a person is more conscious of
his falling short of absolute trust in God. The soul's progress
is an increasing belief, then a cry for more faith, a plea to
conquer all unbelief, all lack of trust. We can believe that
that cry is heard by God and that prayer is answered in due
time. And so our faith grows, little by little, day by day.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that with more power in my life will come more faith.
I pray that I may come to trust God more each day.

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As Bill Sees It

A "Special" Experience?, p.256

I was the recipient of a tremendous mystic experience or
"illumination," and at first it was very natural for me to feel that this
experience staked me out as somebody very special.

But as I look now back upon this tremendous event, I can only feel
very grateful. It now seems clear that the only special features of my
experience were its suddenness and the overwhelming and immediate
conviction that it carried.

In all other respects, however, I am sure that my own experience was
essentially like that received by any A.A. member who has strenuously
practiced our recovery program. Surely, the grace he receives is also
of God; the only difference is that he becomes aware of his gift more

Grapevine, July 1962

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Walk In Dry Places

Am I getting too busy?
Time Management.
It's always risky when a recovering person gets too busy for meetings.
It's also dangerous when business and personal concerns crowd out
interest in the program.
We should never deceive ourselves by thinking that we're somehow
safe just because our time is filled with useful and interesting work.
Many of us have a tendency to become addicted to "busy-ness".
Though less destructive than drinking, this serves as an escape, just
as alcohol did.
The danger is that when the work no longer satisfies us, we'll find our
lives becoming empty again. We could then be very vulnerable to taking a drink.
We should never be too busy for the wonderful, constructive work of the program.
Far from taking time away from our other actives, work in the program will
enhance everything we do.
I'll try to balance my activities today, making sure that I have time for the program.

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Keep It Simple

You must look into people, as well as at them.
---Lord Chesterfield
When we were using alcohol and other drugs, we only looked at people.
We treated them like objects. Often, we could only see how they helped
us get high, or how they got in our way.
Now we can see others as people. We look into them. We learn about
their feelings and thoughts.
We care about them. What a wonderful change! We are fully human
again. We can have relationships.
When we look into others, we see life. We see beauty, courage, hope
and love. We see bits of ourselves and our Higher Power. What a miracle life is.
Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me be fully human today.
Help me see You in others.
Action for the Day: Today, I’ll look into someone. I’ll do this by having a
talk with a friend. And I’ll really listen.

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Each Day a New Beginning

What a strange pattern the shuttle of life can weave. --Frances Marion
How shortsighted is our judgment about today's experiences! We'll see
with clarity where they may lead us only after we've reached our destination.
Of one thing we can be certain: Today's experiences, in concert with
yesterday's and all that's gone before, are combining to weave an intricate
life design, unique, purposeful, and for our ultimate good.
We need not feel remorse over lost chances or unproductive behavior in
the past. Our destination remains the same, and our arrival is guaranteed.
Our actions and decisions are never wrong. We may veer off course for a
time, but the design for our lives will pull us back on the track.
The program is part of the design for our lives. It's helping us to stay on
course. In fact, when we're working the Steps, we're at ease with our
direction, and we trust the outcome of our efforts to the power of the
program. We will add to the richness of our design, today, just as
we have every day of our lives. We can anticipate today's experiences
with an excited heart.
There is something special going on in my life today. I will give
everybody and every event my full attention.

************************************************** *********

Alcoholics Anonymous - Fourth Edition

The Doctor's Opinion

On the other hand—and strange as this may seem to those who do not understand—once a psychic change has occurred, the very same person who seemed doomed, who had so many problems he despaired of ever solving them, suddenly finds himself easily able to control his desire for alcohol, the only effort necessary being that required to follow a few simple rules.

p. xxix

************************************************** *********

Alcoholics Anonymous - Fourth Edition Stories

Doctor Bob's Nightmare

A co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. The birth of our Society dates from his first day of permanent sobriety, June 10, 1935.
To 1950, the year of his death, he carried the A.A. message to more than 5,000 alcoholics men and women, and to all these he gave his medical services without thought of charge.
In this prodigy of service, he was well assisted by Sister Ignatia at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio, one of the greatest friends our Fellowship will ever know.

During the next few years, I developed two distinct phobias. One was the fear of not sleeping, and the other was the fear of running out of liquor. Not being a man of means, I knew that if I did not stay sober enough to earn money, I would run out of liquor. Most of the time, therefore, I did not take the morning drink which I craved so badly, but instead would fill up on large doses of sedatives to quiet the jitters, which distressed me terribly. Occasionally, I would yield to the morning craving, but if I did, it would be only a few hours before I would be quite unfit for work. This would lessen my chances of smuggling some home that evening, which in turn would mean a night of futile tossing around in bed followed by a morning of unbearable jitters. During the subsequent fifteen years I had sense enough never to go to the hospital if I had been drinking, and very seldom did I receive patients. I would sometimes hide out in one of the clubs of which I was a member, and had the habit at times of registering at a hotel under a fictitious name. But my friends usually found me and I would go home if they promised that I should not be scolded.

pp. 175-176

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Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Step Six - "Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character."

It is nowhere evident, at least in this life, that our Creator expects us fully to eliminate our instinctual drives. So far as we know, it is nowhere on the record that God has completely removed from any human being all his natural drives.

p. 65

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"What helps me to go forward is that I stay receptive. I
feel that anything can happen."
--Anouk Aimee

"No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched."
--George Jean Nathan

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to
go on creating oneself endlessly.
--Herni Bergson

"Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to
be happy under all outward circumstances."
-- J. Donald Walters

"A good laugh is sunshine in the house."
-- William Makepeace Thackeray


Father Leo's Daily Meditation


"Middle-age is when you begin
to smile at things that used to
cause you to laugh."
-- Anonymous

Today I feel so young at heart. I love to laugh, I mean really laugh; I
love to play and act silly in my life; I love discovering my "child" that
comes out to give balance to my life.

This was not always the case. Not too many yesterdays ago I was
serious, depressed, affecting a smile that did not come from within.
Alcoholism made me an unhappy man. Before I got sober my so called
"high" had changed into a boring "low"!

I was middle-aged before I was thirty. Today I feel younger than I did
twenty years ago -- and it shows. You are what you drink. Today I am

Thank You for the gift of "play" in my life.

************************************************** *********

"Only believe."
Mark 5:36

"For nothing is impossible with God."
Luke 1:37

************************************************** *********

Daily Inspiration

It is nice to have the things money can buy, but be sure that you don't lose the
things money can't buy in the process. Lord, never let me forget who I am and
that which truly means the most.

When you have faith in yourself and God, you will know that you are loved and
safe and never alone. Lord, I am these things because You are always with me.

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NA Just For Today

Secrets Are Reservations

"Eventually we are shown that we must get honest, or we will use again."

Basic Text p.82

Everyone has secrets, right? Some of us have little secrets, items that would cause only minor embarrassment if found out. Some of us have big secrets, whole areas of our lives cloaked in thick, murky darkness. Big secrets may represent a more obvious, immediate danger to our recovery. But the little secrets do their own kind of damage, the more insidious perhaps because we think they're "harmless!"

Big or little, ou