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Daily Recovery Readings Start your day here with Daily Recovery Readings. Feel Free To Share Your Experience, Strength & Hope.

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AA 'Big Book' - Quote

The doctor's theory that we have an allergy to alcohol interests us. As laymen, our opinion as to its soundness may, of course, mean little. But as ex-problem drinkers, we can say that his explanation makes good sense. It explains many things for which we cannot otherwise account. - Pg. xxvi - 4th. Edition - The Doctor's Opinion


Hour To Hour - Book - Quote

No quote showing, book out of print


Tian Dayton, PhD. - Book Quotes - Emotional Sobriety

Not listed, not willing to sign into the site as my computer is acting up.

Bill Wilson's Letter on Emotion Sobriety


Member Submitted Quotes

It ain't OK til it's OK just the way it is... ( Tony H. )


Misc. AA Literature - Quote

When we early A.A.s got our first glimmer of how spiritually prideful we could be, we coined this expression: 'Dont try to be a saint by Thursday!'
That oldtime admonition may look like another of those handy alibis that can excuse us from trying for our best. Yet a closer view reveals just the contrary. This is our A.A. way of warning against pride-blindness, and the imaginary perfections that we do not posses.

Only Step One, where we made the 100 per cent admission that we were powerless over alcohol, can be practiced with absolute perfection. The remaining eleven Steps state perfect ideals. They are goals toward which we look, and the measuring sticks by which we estimate our progress.


Pocket Sponsor - Book - Quote

Sitting at a meeting and sharing how much you love everyone in the room is meaningless if you fail to help cleanup, talk to the newcomer, inquire after the old-timer, and make sure everyone has a ride home.

My well done is better than my well said.


From "Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book" - Book

Relapse is NOT a requirement.

I was told that relapse is part of my disease. It isn't part of my recovery unless I choose to go back out and do more research.


Archive Quote

No God - No Recovery *

Know God - Know Recovery

(Rick A.)

Would like to add my own thought, "Know the God of your understanding and build a relationship with Him/Her/It."


Love always,


I share because I care.

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