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hought for the Day
Wednesday, APR19

From the book: Food for Thought


We all go through periods when we seem to be standing still or slipping backwards. It is often difficult to stay with our food plan when weight loss slows or stops. We may become bored with the program if our understanding of it is superficial. There are many times when things do not go the way we would like, and we may be tempted to give up.

Let's remember where we began and how miserable we were before we found OA. If there are times when abstinence does not seem so great, let's remember how much worse the alternative is. We have been down in the depths of despair before, and we do not choose to go back there.

One day at a time, we can keep moving forward. Even when we see no signs of progress, we can know that our Higher Power is now in charge of our recovery and that His purposes never fail.

Lord, give us strength to persevere.
This is still a good message for me. The following message I wrote on another site, I think it was on the old site that crashed. This was written by me in 2010. Here it is 2017, and I still need strength to persevere.

A good message for me. I get discouraged when I am eating healthy and the weight doesn't come off. I feel better about myself and I think there are times I lose inches, but I don't think I will ever be slim and curvy again so need to find some acceptance. Part of that is that you can't defy gravity forever.

I try to tempt my appetite, not with things that aren't good for me but with things that taste good. I try to season things and make them more palatable easier to swallow.

With diabetes, I am in this for the long haul. I had eating disorders in the past, when I didn't want to eat because I felt fat because I was swollen and would figure "What is the use?" I had to come to realize that I was the use and I was worthwhile and deserved to feel good and live a healthy life.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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