Out in this world alone you roam
Jesus is calling for you to come home
The door He has opened
All you have to do is step in
Step into His arms
Where He will keep you safe and warm
Surrender and repent your sins
Then your new life begins
Jesus is calling for you to come home
No more do you have to roam this world alone
Come home to Jesus today
For He is truly the one and only way
Tammy Boyle 03/31/11

Lord, worn down and broken, I come to you
With all worldly things, I am through
I seek you Lord for salvation
Free me Lord from my self made prison
Release me Lord from these chains
Cleanse me Lord, make me new again
Lord, let Your love flow in me
From all things, set me free
Lord shine in me and through me Your light
Give me wings that I might take flight
To share with others in the world the good news
That with You, they may be free too
Tammy Boyle 03/03/11

I bow down on bended knee
I offer myself up to Thee
To do with me as Thee will
I ask Thee to fill
Me up with Thy love
And from above
I ask that if Thee
Would shine Thy Sunlight of Spirit on me
I ask Thee to wrap me in Thine arms
Where I am kept safe and protected from all harms
I ask Thee to never let me go from Thy embrace
I ask Thee for Thy courage and power with all I must face
All these things I ask Thee for this day and all days to come
Until I leave this Earth for Thy Heavenly home
Tammy Boyle 09/03/09

Jesus there are times we don't know the why
We look towards the sky
You may hear us cry
You may hear us sigh
We try to figure out on our own
What is going on
Sometimes the answer is yes
Sometimes the answer we are left to guess
Sometimes the answer is no
We have to accept Your answer and on in life continue to go
We continue to have faith and trust
That Your way is best for us
Even though at times we feel You are gone
We know we are never alone
You are always here nearby
As we struggle to figure out the why
Tammy Boyle 8/2/09

No one
Where do I fit in
All around me are too busy
All around me are too young or old
Is there anywhere for me
No one
Who to talk to
No one really listens to me
Does anyone even care
They all seem too busy
No one

Someone who is always available talk to
Someone who always listens
Someone who is always here with me
Someone who always cares
Someone who is never too busy
Tammy Boyle  07/25/09

Lord, today I fall on my knees
I pray for help for myself and for others
I lift up my voice with many pleas
For all my sisters and brothers
We are weak but You Lord are strong
Lord we give ourselves up totally to You, willing to go to any length
Help us to right all wrongs
Fill us up with Your love, Your hope, Your courage, Your strength
Guide us in the way we should go
With Your constant guiding light
May in Your image we continue to grow
Throughout the day and night
Tammy B.  07/05/2009

Lord, may we stand on the top of the mountains
And give a great shout
To this imperfect world in which evil rains
What You are all about
May we stand with courage and say
Without a shadow of a doubt
You are the way
All fears, all sin You will cast out
With just one lightly whispered plea
Cried out from the darkness
One can be eternally free
One can be eternally blessed
In one split second a life can be changed
As in Faith we lift up our voices
Giving You our lives to rearrange
Allowing You to guide our choices
Praying Your will be done, not ours
With Your Knowledge and Your Love
And Your Power
Given to us from above
Tammy B.  07/02/09

Lord, as we walk through the valleys
We cry out many pleas
We may at moments feel we are alone
But in truth we know You are never gone
In this life You are the one true constant
Let us remember You are continuant
In Your love, Your comfort, Your shelter, Your forgiveness
May we remember throughout today how by You we are truly blessed
Tammy B.  07/02/09

Lord, I thank You for being my friend
It gives me great comfort that we will be friends beyond the end
Thank You Lord for always being here no matter what
You are the greatest friend that any of us have got
Hand in hand we walk each day
With You guiding our way
Thank You for Your constant guiding light
Throughout each day and night
May today to others we be a witness
Of how by You we are loved and blessed
Tammy B.  07/02/09

Lord, I pray to You this morning
That to me You will continue shaping and molding
In Your image may I continue to grow
As through today I go
I pray Your will Lord, not mine, be done
As we walk this path together as one
Tammy B.  07/02/09

When you lift our covers
You will find
Inside us we are still young lovers
Two hearts that combined
Many years ago
Are still beating as one today
It's a love that continues to grow
In every way
For each other our desire
Is evermore so
The passion - the fire
Burns hotter as we go
But there is also a contentment
In knowing
That to each other our commitment
Is continually growing
For granted, let us not take each other
Let us keep on fueling
This love, this fire inside that has kept us young lovers
As on the outside we continue on aging
Young forever
Our love, Our fire
Young Lovers
Our passion, Our desire
Tammy B. 06/27/09

The thief continues to rob
You of your life
But nobody notices because you continue to do your job
You stuff your burdens and strife
You continue on the outside to live life as usual
Because you are a mastermind Or so you think
Your relationships are casual
Your friends and family are too busy to make the Link
That you have changed
Nothing is different except for what they don't see
On the outside nothing have you rearranged
On the inside and behind closed doors the thief has been busy
He has won you back little does anyone know
He has taken control of your inner soul
Destroying you - eating away at you little by little while you are low
That was always his goal
Now to him you are once again lost
He has you back
But at what cost
Again and again he continues to attack
It's an all out war now
He keeps you buried in loneliness, pity and sorrow
Because to him you have bowed
And will probably do so again tomorrow
At this point it will take divine intervention
Will it come in time to save you
From total destruction
Or will it be too late and to others you'll just be another someone they knew
Tammy B.  06/25/09

My soul inside
Is so very raw
From life's painful claws
From which I so desperately try to hide
Inside these claws tear
Into my deepest parts
Leaving permanent scars
Upon my heart
Just at the moment
When I feel I am at my end
A healing inside me begins
Which is definitely Heaven sent
Once again
God's promise I hear
Being whispered in my ear
From 1 Peter 5:10
And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ,
after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you
and make you strong, firm and steadfast.
Tammy Boyle 05/09/09

I reach out from the darkness
Grasping frantically for the light
The claws of isolation and loneliness
Keeping me from flight
Help me someone I cry
Please help me to break free
I keep struggling until I am exhausted
I fall on bended knee
Please I whisper
Someone, anyone help me
I feel myself lifted up
I feel myself being carried
By the only one
Who comes to my rescue once more
And that is my sweet Savior
You Lord
Tammy Boyle  5/09/09

Once again it's you and me Lord
Everytime I am going through a rough spell
And I do reach out to others
But the other end is silent
No one is there but you Lord
Lord my soul is hurting
The pain is tremendous
Satan has been in my head constantly
He has been telling me to throw the towel in
He has been saying what's the use
But where as I use to believe his lies
Today I don't because I know better
But it still doesn't stop the hurt inside
Please Lord I beg of you
Please help me to heal
I know that each time I go through this
Is a time of growing and healing
Help me Lord to continue to resist
The lies Satan is telling me
The feelings He is trying to make me feel
Set my feet back on the path again
Your path, not mine, Lord
I am so lost without you
I have been lost a few times recently in my own will
Forgive me for those times please Lord
Help Me Lord
Cleanse me once again Lord
Wash me anew
Mend me, Own me
You Lord is all I desire
I love you Lord
Tammy Boyle  5/9/09

Dear Lord, We come to you today with our hearts open
We are ready to let your work begin
We are ready to begin to heal
We are ready to do only Your will
Lord we ask now that you come inside us
Fill us with Your love and trust
Guide us in the way to go
With only the Wisdom that You know
Tammy Boyle 04/02/09

Thank You Lord for blessing me with my mother
She is a woman like no other
All these years she has loved me like Thee
She has and still does love me unconditionally
She has been with me through the thick and thin
Even the years I was full of sin
She never, ever gave up on me
Her prayers for me through the years have been many
Her prayers Lord You did answer eventually
For today Lord she and I share a great love for Thee
As I continue on Lord in life to grow
May her love and Your love for me show
In all the things I say and do
To you both I am very grateful and I say a big Thank you
Thank you both for being here
Throughout each and every year
Tammy B.  04/02/09

Lord, it is morning again
And as I sit here and yawn
Waking up and stretching
I am thankful for another dawn
Only You Lord could make
Such a beautiful beginning to another day
I pray today that You will take
Me under Your wing and guide me to live Your way
Tammy B.  03/31/09

Dear Lord, I ask that you let it begin with me
Begin with me to make the changes in my family
Use me to help turns others from satan's ways
Use me so that others may come to know better days
Living with You as their guide
With nothing more to hide
They will come to know true love and forgiveness
And to know what it means to be truly blessed
Here I am Lord, Your will, not mine be done
Starting today and from now on
Tammy B. 03/30/09

Lord, You are so very wonderful
I am grateful to be Your child
Thank You for bringing me
In from out of the wild
I am so blessed
To be a part of Your family
Out of gratitude for all You have done
I bow before You on bended knee
Here I am Lord
My one prayer that I ask of You to fullfill
Is that You would
Do with me as Thy will
Tammy B. 03/25/09

Lord, in those quiet, still moments
In the middle of the night
Is when I feel the closest to You
I can feel Your light
Shining down on me in the darkness
You fill me with a warmth so electrifying
To have this intimacy with You I feel so blessed
You fulfill my most inner yearnings
In Your love I bathe
In Your embrace I surrender all
In Your eyes I shine
Love me, hold me, give me Your all
I beg of You Lord
On bended knee
Of You Lord I desire more and more
Until I am totally free
Of this bondage here on Earth
I fly high into the realms with You
I am given new birth
I am given life eternal
To live with You
My lover of my soul
Fills me with such a passion
Yet may I be so bold
As to embrace You Lord in return
With such a fiery desire
I do burn
Only You Lord ignite such a fire
Deep down in me
I pray Lord
That this intimacy we share
Will continue on eternally
Tammy B.  03/24/09

Lord, thank You for all Your blessings
May my gratitude show
In my daily living
As I continue to grow
In Your image each hour
May my life be a reflection
Of Your love and power
To all who crosses my path, each and everyone
Tammy B.  03/23/09

Lord, it is my choice
That only your voice
Is the one I want to hear
You are the One I want to be near
Lord I pray today that all I do
Will be pleasing in your eyes
Lord we know that You
Are the only One who is truly wise
So before we start
We seek Your counsel
With all our hearts
We surrender to You all control
Your will, not ours, be done
Today and beyond
Tammy B. 03/22/09

Lord, we seek your wisdom
All throughout today
And the tomorrows yet to come
Lord, we ask that You may
Fill our hearts with love
And also with forgiveness
Both of which comes to us from above
Lord, we ask that you will bless
All those who are lost
And all those who suffer
May we remember the cost
You paid for us forever
Our sins are forgiven
We are washed anew
Eternal life we are given
For all that Lord, we say thank You
Tammy B. 3/19/09

Dear Lord, when we turn it all over to you
Life is better than we can ever envision
Today we seek Your guidance in all we say and do
Your will, Lord, not ours, be done
Tammy B.  03/19/09

Lord, You are truly amazing
When I think of You my emotions are overwhelmed
How You fill me inside is a miracle
Never have I felt anything so overpowering
You Lord are an addiction I welcome
You Lord give me the most wonderful high
A high that I have never reached before
A high only obtainable through You Lord
Thank You Lord for all you have given me
May I go out today
And share it with all who come my way
Lovingly and freely
Tammy B.  03/18/09

A friend like no other
Oh where should I find this
I look all around me in wonder
Where do I find this friend

I am your friend

What? Who was that? Jesus?

I, Jesus, am a friend like no other
I am a friend you can trust
A friend who will be with you forever
A friend who will love you to the end
A friend whose love is unconditional
A friend who will comfort you through all your troubles
A friend you can always lean on
On Earth and in Heaven

I, Jesus, am a friend like no other
I, Jesus, will be your friend forever

Thank you Lord
For being my friend forever.
Tammy B.  03/17/09

Lord, thank you so very much
For Your love and forgiveness
For Your gentle touch
On all things and everyone You bless
May we go out today
Sharing with others who come our way
All the blessings You have given us
In You Lord we do trust
That because we accept you as our Savior
We will be with You eternally
To not suffer anymore
In Heaven with You we'll be completely free
Tammy B.  03/16/09

Lord, the moment I accepted You in my life
I felt like going to the mountaintop
Shouting the good news about You
Whether today is filled with peace or strife
May I not stop
Shouting the good news about You in all I say and do
Tammy B. 03/14/09

Good Morning Lord
As I go through this day
Please reveal to me
Your will for me
For I desire to live life Your way
Tammy B.  03/12/09

Each new day is a gift
A gift I unwrap as I go through the day
With this gift we are given 24 hours
Will we choose to live these hours our way or God's way
Tammy B.  03/10/09

Jesus, please take my hand
Lead me through this strange land
Keep me safe within Your arms
Protect me from all harm
As I go through today I ask
That in Your love I may bask
May I feel the sunshine of Your spirit on my face
And gratitude for Your saving grace
May I pass onto my sisters and brothers
Your love that is like no other
Tammy B.  03/09/09

Thank You Lord for another day
To bask in the sunshine of Your love
Today I pray we may
Be worthy of Your grace from above
Tammy B. 03/07/09

Lord, why is it we have so much time for everything else
But seem to have so little time for You
Please forgive us of this Lord
Help us to redirect our focus on You
For You, Lord, are what is most important in our lives
May this show in all we say and do
Tammy B.  03/05/09

Lord there is not better time
than right now to go out
and share with others
what you are about
I seek your guidance today
as I go about my way
of preaching the good news about you
in all I say and do
Tammy B. 03/02/09

Lord, thank you for giving us
A book with Your instructions
On how You wish us to live
Thank You for the many blessings
And gifts to us You have chosen to give
May we go through each day
Continually growing in your image
And be pleasing to You in all we do and say
Tammy B.  03/01/09

Lord when we become new in You
You make us white as snow
Freeing us from all past sins
With You we know
That no matter what happens
You will always be with us in all we do.
Tammy B.  02/28/09

Another wonderful day Lord
Given to us by You
Another day to give You Praise
For all You have given us and all You do
Today Lord we desire to do Your will
And share the good news about You too
Tammy B.  02/27/09

Lord, You are so wonderful
You fill my heart with joy like no other
You comfort me and shelter me
You give meaning to my life
Your love is giving to me so freely
For all this I am grateful to You forever
Here I am Lord; Thy will not mine be done
Tammy B. 02/26/09

Lord on days when I am tired
Worn down and broken
You are not
You are always here for me again and again
For this I am very grateful
In Jesus' name, Amen.
Tammy B.  02/25/09

Lord, I always seek you when times are bad
May I remember to also seek you when times are good
Praising You for all that I had
And all that I should and could and would
Have as long as I seek You first
During the times that are the best and the worst
Tammy B. 2/24/09

Lord, Your love is the best
It's above all the rest
Thank you Lord that on you we can depend
Every day until the end
Tammy B.  2/23/09

Lord, as we begin a new week
Help us to keep our focus on you
Help us to always be meek
Help us to reflect your love in all we do.
Tammy B.  02/22/09

Another day has begun
A new day to share with others
The good news about Jesus, God's son,
And share His love and forgiveness with our sister and brothers
Tammy B.  02/21/09

Lord, even when I am sick I give you praise
For the peace and comfort you give me
You are there for me in all ways
Knowing You will be with me eternally
Fillls me with joy on all days
Thank you Lord for Your love unconditionally
Tammy B.  02/20/09

Thank you Lord for Your unconditional love of which I am unworthy
For Your courage when I am afraid
For Your strength when I am weary
For Your wisdom when I am lost

Lord, thank You for Your shelter in the storms
For Your Light in the darkness
For Your forgiveness of my sins
For Your tender mercy I am truly blessed

Help me Lord to grow daily in Your image
To help others out of the darkness
To show others Your love
To show others Your forgiveness
Tammy B.  02/19/09

In the wee hours of the morn
When it is just you and me Lord
I feel such a closeness with you
That only out of the stillness is borne

I love these moments of oneness with You
No one else in the world but just You and I
The love we share is like no other
On that love I have come to greatly rely

The Passion, the Desire I feel for You
Stirs up warmness in my soul
Such a fire of love for You coursing through my veins
To describe it is too overwhelming to be told

I pray Lord that our intimacy continues to grow
Into the greatest love affair found anywhere
It fillls my heart with glee to know
That in my eternal life You will be there

Tammy B.  02/18/09

Lord help me to stay humble
Without you I will surely stumble
There are times when pride, envy, jealousy and greed want to rear their heads
Resentments are trying to take root
Lord, I desire to live for You instead
So with Your help I give pride, envy, jealousy, greed and resentments the boot
I send them back to hell with Satan where they belong
With You I sing a new song
A song of love, peace and serenity
Thank you Lord for once again setting me free.
Tammy B.  2/17/09

Lord it is wonderful to know
that no matter what you are always with me
no matter good or bad, or ups or downs
no matter thicks or thins, or in or outs
You are always around

This Lord brings me great comfort,
great joy and great peace
knowing that You are always with me
You are always here to provide
Your love unconditional and Your shelter freely

Thank you Lord, Amen
Tammy B. 02/16/09

Today is Valentine's Day
A day for lovers
a day to express our love for one another
Are you feeling left out

Jesus says come to Me
Be Mine My child
Today be My Valentine
I will show You a love without confines

Thank you Jesus
For Your unfailing love
For Your comfort, Your strength
That comes from above
Tammy B. 2/14/09

Lord today I pray
for You to show me the way
to live my life
without strife
You reveal to me
the way to serenity
is by surrendering all to You
and then a work within me You will do
Come to Me You say
Come to Me today
Find shelter under My wings and My love unconditional
*With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."
Tammy Boyle 2/13/09

*Matthew 19:26

With God everyday,
I make my way.
I hold on to God’s hand
As I journey through this land.

My Forever Father

I lost my earthly father when I was eight
For many years I did mourn that lost
Of being totally without a dad
Was something I did hate

It was only after I accepted Jesus as my saviour
Did I come to realize
That all along, all this time
I had another Father to my great surprise

Though my earthly father is gone
And I still hold him in my heart
Today I take comfort in having a Father
With whom I never have to part

Thank you God for being my Forever Father
Tammy B. 06/15/08

Lord, I lift up my voice to you in song
No more do I know what is right or wrong
Please help me Lord
So many emotions, so many feelings
Just send me reeling
I feel so confused
What to do?
I pray to you Lord
To help me out of this mess
Please show me what is the best --
To do
Alone I am a lost ship in the night
Without its guiding light
Please open my eyes so I my see
Open my ears so I may hear
Your answer to me
Lord, I lift up my voice in praise
Once again you have come through
in oh so many ways
I knew I could count on you
Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
Tammy B. 5/28/08

Lord as I am walking through the fire
I feel myself begin to weaken from the heat
On my own I will surely burn
But because of you Lord being in my life
I know together we will defeat
Satan's many attempts to cause me strife
For only you Lord know my heart's desire
Is to grow continuously in Your image
I know Lord for this to occur
I require pruning and weeding
This is why that at any time, any age
I may suffer trials so as to grow further
in Your image as I walk with you
On your word I am constantly feeding
On my lips is constant praise
In song I lift up my voice
For all my nights and all my days
To live for you Lord is my constant choice.
Written by:  Tammy B. 5/26/08
As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

Lord there are times when I feel so all alone
I just want to cave in
Satan has come creeping in
And is trying to sit on the throne
But I know Lord that You are there
I cry out to You
My soul is hurting and so raw
I feel so very blue
I begin to feel You coming in
Filling all the dark, empty spaces
I lift up my voice in song
From the joy coming from deep within
From me Satan has fled
One thing he can never take from me
And that is You Lord Jesus
Once again because of You I am free
--Tammy B.  5/24/08

No one can take Jesus from me

Thank you God that living for Jesus is free
No one can take Jesus from me

You can take my money, my car, my home
You can put me out on the streets to roam
But no one can take Jesus from me

You can take my clothes, my shoes, my jewelry
You can put me in prison and throw away the key
But no one can take Jesus from me

You can take my pets, my friends, my family
No matter what you do to me
No one can take Jesus from me

Thank you God that living for Jesus is free
No one can take Jesus from me
Tammy B. 2/9/2007

It is because of God that I am able to stand at all
Without Him I would crumble and fall
He enables me to go to any lengths
By providing me with courage and strength
He heals my wounds, big and small
He provides His love unconditional
From the storms He shelters me underneath His wings
Without Him I would be nothing
With Him all is possible
Through Him I am humbled
To Him I give all the glory and praise
Throughout all of my days
Thank You God, I love you
Thank You for being You
Tammy B. 1/8/2007


Come near to God
Feel His presence
Warm your soul

Come near to God
Feel His embrace
Comfort you

Come near to God
Feel His spirit
Fill you up

Come near to God
Feel His love
Overflowing in you

Come near to God
Feel His power
Strengthen you

Come near to God
He is waiting
For you now

Come near to God
All His children
Come near to God
Tammy B.

What God says is in blue:

A voice whispered, "I love you."
Huh? Who said that? Nobody loves me - not with all my imperfections and all the things I have done.
I do.
What? Who is that?
It's me - your Father.  I love you so much that I gave my only Son
for you so that you may have eternal life.

God, is that you?
Yes, I am God - your eternal Father.  Be still and listen.
Yes, listen.  You are a child of God's.  I made you in my image. 
I will love you unconditionally forever.  I will always be with you.
You will always love me unconditionally and be with me forever?
Thank you God. It is so very wonderful to know that I will always be loved unconditionally
and never be alone.  It gives me great comfort knowing this.  I love you God.
I love you, my child.
Tammy B.

In you Lord I put my trust and I know you won't let me down
when satan comes lurking around
telling me all kinds of lies
wearing all kinds of disguises
I shout to him to go away
I tell him there's no room here for him to stay
For you Lord I live today
I shout the good news "Jesus is the way!"

Tammy B.

Oh Woe Is me

I sit and and think - life is not fun anymore
Oh woe is me
I can't seem to find any happiness
Oh woe is me

Might as well get drunk
Oh woe is me
Might as well get high
Oh woe is me

If your life was like mine you would get drunk too
Oh woe is me
You don't know the troubles I've seen
Oh woe is me

You don't understand the pain I have felt
Oh woe is me
You don't know the hurt I have been dealt
Oh woe is me

This use to be my thought process
Oh woe is me
Until one day when bottom I did hit
Oh God please help me

My life flashed before my eyes
Not a pretty sight did I see
I didn't want to die this way
Oh God please help me

I surrendered all to God as I understand Him
I was set free
From the prison I had entrapped myself in
Oh God thank Thee

Today when troubles and sorrow does arise
I bow down on bended knee
When my disease once again tries to rear its ugly head
I pray to God to help me

No more do I want to live in that prison of hell
From which God has released me
In God's presence I prefer to dwell
Where I find joy, happiness and serenity

Today whatever life gives me
There is no more oh woe is me
I bathe in the sunlight of the spirit
Never forgetting this precious gift that God has given me

Thank you Lord
To you I give all the glory

Tammy B.

Lord my heart is heavy today
And I know you won't give me any more than I can handle
But I just have to say
Why does it have to hurt so bad

Our time on earth is so short
Too short for grudges to be held
Too short for all we feel we have to do
Too short for the many stories we have to tell

With this in mind as we go through each moment
Let's remember to always say I love you
Let's remember to always forgive and forget
Before our time is spent
Tammy B. 6/6/06

Praise You Lord
Praise you Jesus

I am so blessed to have a Savior like You
When I was lost You came and brought me home
No more to be lonely
No more to be blue

Praise You Lord
Praise You Jesus

You changed the life of this old sinner
No more to roam
In the darkness alone
Now with You I am a winner
Tammy B.  11/17/05

How sweet your name is on my lips
How sweet your name sounds to my ears
You fill my very soul
To the brim of bursting
I feel as though I may explode
From your love
Your warmth
Thank you, sweet Jesus
For this blessing
you have bestowed on me
Here I am
I am yours
Do with me as you will
Take from me
Anything that stands in your way
Sweet, Sweet Jesus
My one and only desire
Is my life be for you
Only you
Sweet Jesus
How sweet your name is on my lips
How sweet your name sounds to my ears
Thank you
Written by:  Tammy B. 8/27/04

Don't Stop Praying

One night, years ago while I was drinking
I was talking to my mother on the phone
We were again talking about my drinking
I told her how much I hated it

She started crying
Saying she didn't know what else to do
She had been praying for me for many years
And God didn't seem to be answering her prayers

How I hated that I was making my mother cry
That I was the cause for her sadness
I told her Mom, I know what you can do
Please, don't stop praying

God is the only one
Who can help me out of this mess
I have faith that He will
But it will be in His time not ours
Just don't stop praying

My mother continued to pray
As did many others for me
No - God didn't answer the prayers immediately
But He did answer them eventually

For today, you see
With the help of God, AA, friends and family
I am sober and clean
I am finally free

So whatever you do
Don't stop praying.

Written by:  Tammy B.  3/5/04


                                Written by:  Tammy B. 12/10/80